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A Creative, Fearless & Visionary Digital Agency

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With numerous satisfied clients, Nikol Digital is the right choice for your online marketing needs

Made in Germany

Our agency is German-led and this reflects in our culture of honesty, courage, and efficiency. Through transferring our values on to the Malaysian market, we deliver outstanding performances for our customers.

Bespoke Services

There is no such thing as a one size fits all strategy in online marketing. We create bespoke plans of action, tailored to your business's specific needs, aims and budget. Get a free consultation to understand your needs.

Tangible Results

We are committed to delivering tangible and measurable results. This will not only improve your presence online, but also increase revenue for your business. We achieve an above average ROI for our customers.


A wholly owned subsidiary of no one. Independent we stand.
We’re proud of our independence, which is enabling us to provide the best service possible. At Nikol Digital, we use our craft prudently, to target practical issues and turn them into strenghts. For us, digital services are a means of delivering excellence and substantially increasing the return on investment of our customers.

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We're your Digital Marketing army if you don't have one; an additional battalion if you do.
Watch out teachers - test preparation is about to become automated...

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